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Hello guys,

Last semester, I usually made jokes with my friends about dying my hair with some weird colors like blue, red, purple or rainbow. After being done with school, I came back to Hanoi for a month to visit my family and my old friends. Bored with nothing to do besides going to coffee shop in the morning and hitting the bar at night, I really really wanted to do something new. When my mom forced me to go to a salon to have my hair cut, my rebellious spirt was unleashed. I have to do something special. Inspired by Lucky Blue Smith and Tom Malfoy, I decided to go with platinum blonde.

Look at that beautiful wavy platinum blonde hair. Who doesn't want that?

Bleaching your hair is undoubtedly a painful process but the final product was worth it. My family was shocked (but I don’t really care). I sent a pic to all of my friends in America and they were surprised (they even think I faked it LOL).

Anyway, I love my platinum blonde hair. It totally changed the way people look at me. I really recommend everyone should at least try to bleach their hair at least once in their lives because the result will always surprise you. I hope this post will help you guys if you are planning to bleach your hair.

1.      Choosing the color you want, and who will bleach your hair

Platinum blonde and Silver Fox are the most difficult color to achieve. Unless you really, really, really want to do it, your hairstylists would recommend you not to, because they will have to bleach your hair to the lightest blonde color, then dye it. And we all know that it's not healthy for your hair

Basically, they will put hydrogen peroxide (a type of acid) onto your hair. It will burn your scalp, too. Ta-da! So, before you decide to do anything, please make sure your hair is in good shape.

One thing I recommend is to pick a hairstylist that you know or acquainted with. This is because you will have to come back to the salon few more times to trim or tone your hair again. Your hairstylist will get to know your hair types and recommend further care after bleaching. 

Hairstylists are usually very active on social media because that’s is where they showcase their works. I found my hairstylist through a friend. I started searching for hairstylists very early but I usually only found big-name salons and they are very expensive. Therefore, I asked my friend before flying home and he recommended me this guy. He’s very young (younger than me) and kind of underground. If you are in Vietnam, I truly recommend this dude. He’s awesome: Châu Diệc Phong.

Once you’ve picked your color and your hairstylist, chat with them and tell them what color and hair style you want. They are always willing to help. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions!!! I chat with my hairstylist for a week before going to the salon.

2.      At the salon

Let me tell you, there are three most painful things I have gone through: 1) My belly surgery in my freshman year (I was in the hospital for 10 days), 2) My nose surgery after high school (the doctor said there is no anesthetics left so he only numbed my nose and performed the surgery while I’m awake), and 3) Hydrogen Peroxide burning my scalp during bleaching.

I want to go fully bleached, not just part of my hair. Therefore, to have my roots bleached, peroxide on scalp is unavoidable.

It depends on your original hair color how many times do you have to bleach your hair. I am Asian, I have fucking strong black hair and after 3 times bleaching my hair, I can only reach medium/light blonde. I would not recommend after your hair more than 3 times at once because it hurt your hair health A LOT.

This is why after 4 weeks, I came back to the salon and have my hair bleached 2 more times so I can finally reach platinum blonde. So, before you went to the salon and have your hair bleached, please be prepared. It will definitely hurt your hair.

Side story: When I got back to campus, one of my co-workers asked me if I bleached my hair by myself. I told her about my experience. She was surprised that I did it in Vietnam and told me that bleaching your hair should not hurt your scalp, you must have gone to the wrong place to have your hair bleached.

FALSE! This is a wrong assumption of hair bleaching. If you want to have your roots bleached, IT ALWAYS HURT. Hydrogen Peroxide is a fucking strong acid. Even smelling would give you a headache. When you bleach your hair for the first time, you may feel itchy only, but when it comes to the 2nd or 3rd time, you may feel there is candle burning on top of your head. In my second time going to the salon to have my hair bleached again, I almost cry in front of everyone.

Tips: After the first time going to the salon, please wait for at least a month (or more) so your scalp will heal after being burned. Then, go to the salon and have your hair bleached again to get the color tone you want.

3.      Haircare

This is perhaps one of the most important phase, and where many people gave up. You have to be serious in taking care of your hair. After bleaching, your hair is extremely vulnerable (and your scalp, too). Don’t wash your hair for at least 3 days (a week ideally but c’mon, if you live in a tropical area like Vietnam, you may want to wash your hair immediately after the first day). But no matter what, don’t wash your hair for at least a while because if you do so, you would wipe out all of the new hair color that you just spent a lot of money on. Your hair need time to absorb the oil and hair pigments. Let it rest.

While suffering with your hair not washed, you should go buy your new hair products. Bleached hair needs different type of haircare. As you may already know, you have to use purple shampoo, purple conditioner, toner, hair mask, etc. Yes, purple shampoo is a must-have item. You don’t want your beautiful platinum blonde hair turns to brassy orange after few weeks, right?

I use Lush’s Daddy-O purple shampoo and I really recommend this product. It’s not the strongest purple shampoo but it smells so fucking great (Did I mention this product is also vegan?). It costs only about $20 for a 13 oz. bottle. One bottle may last for at least 4 months. My aunt from New York sent me this bottle in the summer because I couldn’t find anywhere to get it in Vietnam. I looked up on Lush’s website but they only have shampoo, no purple conditioner. So, I used Redken Extend Conditioner instead, and it’s pretty good. But, when I went to Las Vegas in last July, I found out that Lush just have purple conditioner, too (I KNOW RIGHT?). It’s not liquid but soap instead. I’m gonna get one and try it. I never read a review about it but I’m very excited to try it.

Another thing you should have is repairing oil. As your bleached hair have been heavily damaged, you may want to nourish it even more. L’Occitane repairing oil is what I use. They no longer produce this product but there are other types as well. You can apply the oil on your hair either before or after shampoo but I usually apply the oil about 30 minutes before taking a shower because I like the smell of my Daddy-O shampoo better.

One thing you may consider to buy is the Dry Shampoo. This is a must-have item for the lazy people like me who usually woke up late in the morning. Dry Shampoo is your life-savor, no kidding. Just imagine 3 day without washing your hair, it’s gonna be very annoying. I got this Batiste dry shampoo from Urban Outfitters in State College and it’s not expensive at all. It was about $8.00 and you can buy it from Amazon, too.

 I personally like the sassy & daring wild smell. It smells sweet and fresh.

I personally like the sassy & daring wild smell. It smells sweet and fresh.

I hope this article is helpful to you guys. I love my bleached hair so much that I almost cry whenever I realize there is no salon in my small rural college town. If I live in a city, I’d definitely bleached my hair again and again.









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