SHECP Internship Part 5: Free things to do in NYC


After weeks in New York, I have spent a decent amount of money on entertainment and other recreational activities. Although New York is among the most expensive cities to live in the world, there are many things you can do without spending a dime. 

1.      Museum Mile Festival

Museum Mile Festival is one of the major cultural events in New York City. It’s proud to be the Biggest Block Party in New York. It occurs once a year and on this day all participating museums will be open for free. They will also block all the traffic on Museum Mile for performing artists.

Museum Mile is usually on the second Tuesday of June. Me and my roommates went here after work few weeks ago and we only visited the Guggenheim. The line for the museums is very long, especially the Guggenheim and The Met.

I would recommend visit the Guggenheim since the Met is always pay-as-you-wish. Though I must say that I didn’t enjoy the Guggenheim (perhaps because I was biased against Guggenheim’s approach on acquiring artworks). Each year they have different participating museums but usually the Met, Guggenheim, and Neur are loyal participants.

2.      The Cloisters

The Cloisters is actually a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art but it’s located in Harlem. To get there is quite a trip. It took me and my friend at least two hours to get there from Brooklyn. From Flatbush, we took the Q train to Manhattan and switched to the C train. After getting off from the train, we had to walk and hike a little bit to The Cloisters since it’s on top of the hill.


The Cloisters is a museum specialized in Medieval and Decorative Arts. It’s not very big but it’s a very interesting place to visit. It overlooks The Hudson River and you can see New Jersey from the West Terrace.

3.      Central Park

A must-go place in New York City, this giant park is where the New Yorkers come for a walk, or to a short workout. To go to every single place in Central Park will take you at least two days.

The best place in Central Park, in my opinion, is the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. If you see Gossip Girl, then you must come here because this is where Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf get married in the series finale LOL.

4.      Gay Pride

Before moving to New York, I already made a list of things I want to do and going to Gay Pride was one of them. To walk in the parade, you must be a part of an organization. Lucky enough, on my first day at work, I got an invitation email to join NYLAG in Gay Pride. I registered and got a free T-shirt. However, because I don’t know anyone at my workplace besides my colleagues in my unit, I feel uncomfortable joining a group of people who I don’t know so I didn’t march with NYLAG. But me and my roommates went to Greenwich Village to see the parade and it was very fun.

Gay Pride isn't only for LGBTQ issues. It's a battlefield for different groups to raise their voice and some may get very political. 

 Businessman Paul Massey joined the march to show his support in LGBTQ issues, as an act for his mayoral campaign. However, 3 days after the march, he dropped out of the race for City Hall. 

Businessman Paul Massey joined the march to show his support in LGBTQ issues, as an act for his mayoral campaign. However, 3 days after the march, he dropped out of the race for City Hall. 

Many people went to the Gay Pride and it’s very crowded. The traffic was horrible since they blocked the whole Fifth Avenue. However, the parade was really fun. Many organizations were very creative in decorating their vehicle. They even bring on speakers, and sometimes, dancers and strippers…


Other recommended places: Whitney Museum and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): free entrance on Fridays, 9/11 Memorial: free entrance on Tuesday, Brooklyn Museum of Art: free entrance on first Sunday of July. All of them are super crowded. 

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