Skukura Woods

Leading Your Life

“It is radical to care for and love yourself unconditionally” says Skukura Woods on self-actualization. In this very personal talk, Skukura Woods shares with us stories about her mother and how she grew up dealing with her own identity. 

David Hsiung

Uniting Voices, Growing Songs, and Organizing a MovemenT

If you asked Americans at any point in the last four hundred years what was “impossible,” they might well say “racial equality.” Americans do not enjoy racial equality today and that goal seems to shimmer like a distant mirage. Dave Hsiung attempts to unravel the powerful ability of music in organizing a movement. 


Sustainability and the Possibility of a Viable Future

International volunteer and a local farmer of Huntingdon, Nick Miller, brings his experience to TEDxJuniataCollege and speaks of how we can build a sustainable future.


There is No Time Like the Present for a Bad Decision

Psychology professor Rebecca Weldon believes that despite inconsistencies and errors in reasoning and decision making, there is enough evidence to suggest that we can change the way we think and behave – for the better.



What is psychopathy and what are we doing about it?

Daniel Komar, a senior at Juniata College studying Psychology, unveils the mystery of the psychopathy phenomenon and challenges us to think about this issue differently through learned empathy.


Science Comics Can Save the World!

Biology professor and award-wining graphic novelist Jay Hosler explains how his use of graphic and fictional narratives engage audiences and help them understand and remember difficult scientific concepts.

Cy Merriwether-Devries

Changing the World: How is that possible?

How does a predominantly white campus in the middle of one of the least diverse places in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enter the pantheon of civil rights activism? It seems impossible but in 1965, Juniata College became known as a campus where students, staff and faculty put themselves in harm’s way to achieve a more just and equitable society for all, and they are still doing it now.


Arts, Cultural Work, and Conflict Transformation

Among peace and conflict studies scholars, artists, funders and policy makers there is a growing understanding of, and support for, the effectiveness of the arts and cultural work in transforming conflict. Polly Walker shares findings from an international network doing research, training and practice in this field.